Saudi Arabia announces the inclusion of tourism in education

The Ministry of Tourism in the Kingdom for tourism education began the “School Enrichment Programs” initiative, which aims to prepare valuable examples and ideal models for exploring students’ professional inclinations, enhancing their desire to join the tourism sector and investing in the activities of enrichment programs for professional and career development.

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In its educational bulletin for the current year, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) praised the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism in the Kingdom, when the organization announced the inclusion of tourism as a subject at the secondary level in its educational bulletin for this year.

The Tourism Education Initiative described “school enrichment programs” as an ideal model, which should be emulated by member states of the World Tourism Organization, adding that it is possible to benefit from the experience of the Ministry of Tourism in the Kingdom, such as including tourism as a path for vocational education and training in public education.

The organization indicated that integrating tourism as a subject at the secondary level contributes to achieving many goals, which include contributing to economic and cultural prosperity, developing career paths, developing basic skills and competencies for students, and others.

Initiative objectives:

The sources explained that the tourism education initiative “School Enrichment Programs” launched by the Ministry’s Tourism Human Capacity Development Agency during the first quarter of the current year aims to raise students’ awareness and direct their future journey towards tourism education paths.

Coordination was made with four international schools, such as King Abdulaziz Model Schools in Tabuk, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology “KAUST” schools, Al-Kifah schools in Al-Ahsa, and Camp Entertainment.

The sources reported that this initiative will contribute to raising the level of culture of male and female students in local tourist areas, and strengthen their concepts of promoting the Kingdom as a tourist destination, which will help them highlight the cultural heritage and spirit of authentic Saudi hospitality.

She added that the initiative will work to invest in the activities of school enrichment programs to learn about the country’s directions in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, with regard to tourism development in all its elements.

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage always launches various initiatives to develop the tourism sector in the Kingdom in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2023, which leads to the creation of new job opportunities, especially in less developed local communities, in addition to diversifying the base of the national economy.

To achieve these goals, the General Authority is moving towards developing and establishing new and promising tourist destinations, providing infrastructure and public facilities to all these destinations, in addition to creating the appropriate climate to attract tourism investments, and supporting the stimulation of small and medium enterprises.

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