Reducing taxi fares in Dubai..Details

A few hours ago, a new decision was issued by the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai regarding the reduction of taxi fares in Dubai, and the following are the full details.

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The decision of the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai regarding the reduction of the tariff

Director of the Planning and Business Development Department at the Public Transport Agency of the Roads and Transport Authority, Adel Shakeri, revealed the authority's decision to reduce taxi fares in Dubai.
Shakri told Emirates Today that the decision was linked to the drop in fuel prices, which was the reason for adjusting the tariff during the last period.

Taxi fare reduction in Dubai

Shakri stated that the authority deals with determining the prices of transportation costs through taxis dynamically and in view of fuel costs.
He pointed out that the cost of one kilometer traveled during the passenger's journey in the taxi has now decreased from 2 dirhams and 19 fils to 1 dirham and 97 fils, in line with the decrease in fuel prices.

Objectives of the decision to reduce taxi fares

He stressed that the authority is keen to take into account the needs and demands of passengers, pointing out that it reviews the fees for the cost of taxis at a rate of every two months to ensure that they keep pace with all other variable factors that affect their prices.

He added that the authority will continue the periodic review during the coming period to ensure that the tariff is commensurate with fuel prices and with the needs of taxi customers.

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