Rafah border opens: Crossing of humanitarian assistance convoy into Gaza Strip begins

Egypt officially announces the opening of the Egyptian-Palestinian Rafah crossing to bring aid into Gaza

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The initial 20 trucks were scheduled to "carry medicine, medical supplies, and a limited amount of food supplies," according to a statement issued by the media office of Hamas.

According to video seen on Egyptian state television, two weeks into the conflict between Israel and Palestine, the first humanitarian relief convoy is presently entering the Rafah border, coming into Gaza Strip. The conflict began on July 8th.

Earlier, it was reported by a security source and a humanitarian worker that trucks carrying medication were getting ready to be readied, and that border officials were already in place on the Egyptian side of the crossing.

In accordance with an agreement reached between Israel and Egypt, a first batch of twenty assistance trucks will be permitted to travel through the Rafah border. Despite this, it is imperative that no one from Hamas seize any of the relief supplies that are being sent through the crossing.

According to a statement that was posted by Hamas' media office on Saturday, the 20 trucks were intended to "carry medicine, medical supplies, and a limited amount of food supplies (canned goods)".

Earlier in the day, the United States Embassy in Israel said that it had "received info" that the Rafah border will open at 10am (0700GMT). This statement gave the impression that a move of this nature would make it possible for non-Palestinian visitors to exit the enclave that is under siege.

"We do not know how long it will remain open for foreign citizens to depart Gaza," the statement continued.

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