Police reveal the nationality of the perpetrator of the heinous crime in Ardiya

Kuwaiti criminal security officers were able to arrest the perpetrator of the heinous murder that shook the Kuwaiti street and killed three people from one family, where they were found dead in different places inside their home.

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Al-Qabbas newspaper reported that a research team was formed immediately by the Farwaniya Provincial Investigation Department after the receipt of the report, and by reviewing surveillance cameras for the houses adjacent to the location of the incident, it was found that an unidentified person entered the victim' house, and by intensifying investigations about him, his identity was reached and an airtight ambush

On the day of the incident, he went to the victims' house to take the amount of money to demand them, and brought with him a bag with alternative clothes with the intention of changing them, confirming his insistence on committing the crime, he said.

The administration indicated that the accused reported that he searched the house after the commission of the crime and found a sum of money and amount of money. K) GOLD FORMULATIONS HE STEALED AND SOLD, WHERE ALL INVOICES FOR THE SALE OF GOLD WERE FOUND.

The administration confirmed that a case against him has been registered in the felonies of Ardiya "premeditated murder with premeditation and surveillance" three times under the number 2022/11 and referred to the competent authority to take all legal measures against him.

The "Ministry of Interior Operations Room" received a report from a citizen stating that he had found his sister, husband and daughter Manhour inside their house, so the detectives, rescue, forensics and the Attorney General's agent immediately moved home, and found the three people hooped.

She pointed out that the preliminary inspection of the place of the crime of the models showed that the crime occurred about 4 days ago, as the smell of bodies spread throughout the place.

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