UAE Companies Issue Warnings Against scams exploiting job demand

Major UAE companies have issued alerts about shady recruiters and job scammers who are preying on foreigners wishing to start careers in the country by sending out false job postings.

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UAE Businesses Warn from Exploitative Job Scammers

Unwanted emails with fake job offers have been flooding inboxes around the world. These emails ask for personal information to complete applications in exchange for promises of rich new tax-free opportunities and a year-round career in the UAE's sun.

Major companies like national airlines Emirates and Etihad, the Al Futtaim Group, and colleges like Kings' Education have responded by publishing online advice for prospective applicants.

Al Futtaim, a substantial corporation with a workforce exceeding 35,000 across sectors like retail, financial services, real estate, and healthcare, has issued a cautionary note. The company highlights the prevalence of unsolicited emails peddling fraudulent job prospects. It underscores the importance for every internet user to exercise vigilance, as such deceptive employment offers are being sent to members of the public. The advisory serves to protect individuals from falling prey to these misleading practices and ensures their safety and security.

As demand for job opportunities flourishes, the market presents a mixed landscape, teeming with genuine roles and deceitful ploys. Amidst the availability of numerous roles, individuals are urged to approach them with caution. Dubious job offers tend to sound exceptionally appealing, often appearing too good to be true.

In light of this, it's advised that prospective job seekers equip themselves with knowledge about average salaries within their desired roles. For instance, an HR manager position offering an unusually high salary like Dh50,000 might signal a potential hoax. Vigilance and informed decision-making become shields against the allure of counterfeit job opportunities, enabling individuals to tread the job market with confidence and clarity.

Cautionary Measures Echoed by Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways has echoed the same counsel, particularly directed at those applying for cabin crew positions within the airline. In an effort to safeguard potential applicants, Etihad underscores the significance of being able to promptly recognize these fraudulent entities as they function beyond the boundaries of the airline's legal jurisdiction.

Etihad's advisory extends to the recruitment process, assuring applicants that at no juncture will an application fee be levied. The airline remains committed to ensuring the protection and security of applicants' personal information and a legitimate recruitment process.

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