Kuwaiti labor market clarifies working conditions

Many studies have indicated that those in charge and officials are making every effort to provide complete comfort for Kuwaiti workers, and to enhance the efficiency of employees.

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Employee permission Conditions:

One source confirmed that the employee has the right to request leave for a maximum of 180 minutes at a time per week, and the direct supervisor does not have the right to reject the request as long as it is compatible with the terms, decisions and regulations of the Civil Service Council and the Civil Service Commission.

He continued that the salary is not deducted for the leave-in period, even if the employee is late upon returning for more than the permissible period, so the period of delay can be deducted from the maximum call-off hours during the same month. In the event that the employee does not have a remaining period, the period of delay is added to the other period of delay, and he is held accountable according to the established regulations.

He drew attention to the fact that when an employee requests permission to leave work, attendance must be proven by signature via fingerprint, either in the morning at the beginning of work or when he leaves at the end of work, depending on the timing of the permission granted to him at the beginning of work.

The signature is from one of the two fingerprints, not from both. The hours for calling in at the beginning of work are calculated from the time specified by the employee during the period from 7 to 9 am.

Women's working hours:

One of the sources stated that there is no need to approve any request for a new additional reduction in working hours for female employees, as it revealed 13 leaves and benefits, most of which are paid, that female employees currently enjoy.

Maternity leave is granted to the employee after the end of maternity leave upon her request, consisting of one month with full salary and 3 months with half salary, and she may cut it off before it ends.

Child care leave is given to the employee with full pay based on an approved certificate from the hospital stating that the mother is accompanying her child who is hospitalized.

The employee may be granted leave with pay to accompany the husband abroad if he is transferred or sent on a scientific mission, study leave, or official mission, Or loan for a period of no less than 6 consecutive months.

An employee with a disability in the governmental, private, and oil sectors is also entitled to maternity leave for a period of seventy days with full salary, and maternity care leave following maternity leave for a period of four months with full salary, followed by six months with half salary in accordance with what is recommended by the competent technical committee.

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