Identity and nationality: allow the renewal of the "identity" and passport from outside the country, but on co

Last but not least, the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, Customs and Ports Security made it possible to renew an identity card or passport while travelling abroad, provided that the customer applies for the transaction through the authority's smart application only in order to prove that he is the rightful owner of the relationship.

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Nasser Ahmed Al Abdouli, Director of the Customer Happiness Department at the Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security, explained the process for renewing the Emirates ID card from outside the country, saying that "the service for renewing the ID card from outside the country was made available by the Authority through its smart application only, and it is not available if it is submitted." The transaction is rejected if it is discovered that the individual is outside of the country, therefore the request is made through printing facilities or through someone other than the owner of the transaction who is inside the nation.

Al-Abdouli said in remarks carried by Radio "Noor Dubai" that "the concerned person who is outside the country can access the smart identity application through his phone, choose the identity card renewal service from outside the country, submit the application, pay the fees and complete the transaction."

The authority, he noted, "also provided a new service, which is the renewal of the passport from outside the country, through the smart application, and customers can renew all their documents, whether it be an identity card or a passport, while they are outside the country, provided that the smart application is used to submit the transaction."

Al-Abdouli emphasised the significance of "the commitment of customers to the controls set in the image, including for citizens adherence to the official dress in the image submitted to submit the transaction, whether to renew the passport or identity card," noting that the image controls are global standards that have been approved and are implemented in all nations of the world.

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