Join Now.. Adnoc Promotion Awards Residents with Cash, Fuel, Rewards

Adnoc's ongoing promotion continues to captivate participants as another group of fortunate residents celebrate their wins. The latest announcement, made on Monday, August 14, revealed the winners of enticing prizes, including a Dh50,000 cash windfall, a year's worth of complimentary fuel, and a substantial 5 million rewards points.

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Adnoc's Exciting Promotions:

Adnoc's promotion continues to excite with its array of attractive rewards. Registered customers can instantly seize daily prizes by spending Dh20 at Adnoc Oasis convenience stores, indulging in car wash or lube change services, utilizing LPG online or EV charging, or spending Dh60 on fuel. These valued patrons are also in the running for weekly rewards, including the opportunity to secure Dh50,000 in cash, enjoy free fuel for an entire year, earn a whopping 5 million rewards points, and even vie for the grand prize of a gleaming 1 kg of gold.

Moreover, Matouq Alketbi emerged as the recipient of the Dh50,000 cash prize, while Salwa Naji struck gold with the coveted reward of a year's free fuel. Additionally, Abulaziz Abdullah clinched a remarkable triumph with 5 million reward points to his name.

Participation Guide

Anyone who has an Emirates ID, a UAE phone number, and an Adnoc Rewards membership is eligible to participate. Interested parties can easily sign up by going to a service station or using the Adnoc distribution app. Before making any purchases, customers can enter the drawing by flashing their Emirates ID or their Rewards membership QR code. The distribution app, the official website, and the official social media platforms are used to announce the winners.

Promotion Timeline

This intriguing campaign, which will run from June 26 to September 24, 2023, is about to reach its climax. On September 25, 2023, the promotion's ultimate prize of a magnificent 1kg of gold will be given to five fortunate winners. Through this exciting event, participants have the potential to win amazing gifts and make priceless memories while the excitement and anticipation keep growing.

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