How to apply for Kuwaiti Ministry of Education jobs

One of the most concerning issues in the thoughts of many residents is the procedure of applying for work in the Ministry of Education Kuwait. The Ministry has given a wide range of electronic services, the most notable of which is "Employment Services."

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Employment services in Kuwait

There are many electronic services that the Ministry has worked to provide to citizens, most notably the service of applying for employment and various educational functions online in order to save them time and effort.

Application steps

  • Initially, Kuwait is accessed on the website of the Ministry of Education from here.
  • Click on the Electronic Services button that appears before you on the screen.
  • Click on the "Apply for Employment" button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press the "Create Account" button and log into the recruitment portal.
  • The name of the citizen shall be inserted in the place reserved for him.
  • Citizenship is then determined, and the type of job to apply for is selected.
  • The type of substance specialized in it is included, as is the scientific certificate obtained.
  • All terms and conditions on the site are then approved.
  • Click on the "Download Documents" button and then on the "Submit Application" button.

How to check the Ministry of Education Kuwait's jobs

The available jobs in the Ministry can be verified by going to the online services portal from here, then going to the bottom of the screen, and identifying all the vacancies in the Ministry.

Moreover, The Ministry provides a large number of various career opportunities to suit all citizens with scientific qualifications in various specializations and scientific materials in Kuwait.

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