Fujairah Police General Command: Setting new speeds to set radar on internal and external roads

The Fujairah Police General Command revealed the specific speeds of vehicles on the streets and internal and external roads of the emirate, coinciding with the installation of fixed radars throughout the emirate's streets.

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The specified speeds were set by the radar for vehicles on the streets of Fujairah City in the areas of Corniche, Fujairah, Saif bin Hamad, Mudhab, Kuwait and internal roads at speed 91, while the Fujairah Port area street to the Murbah area 141, the Murbah area street, Qidfa Ring Road 121, and the internal Murbah area street 101.

The speed of radar control was also determined on Al Bidiyah Street to Dibba Al Fujairah District 121, Dibba Al Fujairah City Streets 91, Dibba Al Fujairah Street to Masafi 121, Dibba Trucks Street - Masafi 91 and Dibba Al Fujairah Street to Al Tuwayin District 121.

The speed of Sheikh Maktoum Street was set at 121, Sheikh Khalifa Street (entrance to Fujairah City) 101, Sheikh Khalifa Street 141, Yebsa Transit Street 101, the street behind Fujairah Airport 101, Ahfrah Area Street 91 and Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah Street 81.

Fujairah Police confirmed that the main objective of installing fixed radars and determining speeds on the emirate's roads is to reduce traffic accidents, in order to preserve the lives of road users and pedestrians, noting that the radar was set on the streets, according to the speeds specified for each road.

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