Explore modern art at Second Collectors' Circle exhibition in ATHR Gal

JEDDAH The second ATHR Collectors' Circle for 2023 has opened to the public in Jeddah and is displaying limited-edition works by some of the most well-known artists in the area.  

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ATHR Exhibition

The show, which is spread out across a considerable space, features a colourful and stylish assortment that will interest both art collectors and admirers. To create a trail across the exhibition area, the pieces are strewn among the permanent collection.

Rawas is an art consultant specializing in contemporary Saudi art

In addition to showcasing artists, Rawas, an art advisor who specialises in Saudi contemporary art, told Arab News that the ACC is also about igniting a dialogue,For the next generation, it is an instructive display. We have gathered both nationally and globally renowned artists for this exhibition, according to Rawas,Rare mixed-media pieces created by well-known local and international artists in the contemporary art scene are on display in the show.

Contemporary Art Exhibition Showcases Diverse Mediums

Sultan bin Fahad's "Delights I, 2023" was hand-knotted onto a silk and wool carpet. Al-Amoudi's multimedia installation "My Hopes and Your Dreams, 2021" features action figures, OCE prints are used in "And Make Me Light, 2023" by Farah Behbehani together with silver wax and diamond dust.

The variety of artistic ability on display is also shown in other mediums, such as pencil drawings on wood, tomato seeds in resin, and collages,The ACC hosts a number of exhibits, events, and seminars that provide art lovers the chance to network and connect with creators, industry experts, and international collectors who may aid in navigating the terrain of the art market and provide advice on art patronage,An associated programme that focuses on various facets of art patronage and collection will run alongside the show.

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