New Kuwait Rule Requires Expats to Settle Traffic Fines Before Travel

The ministry promises to take all necessary steps to guarantee that overdue fines are paid, As There is a new condition that expatriates must comply with before departing Kuwait, they must pay any outstanding traffic penalties in their name.

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Requirement for Expats to Clear Traffic Fines

The Kuwait Ministry of Interior (MoI) recently issued an advisory stating that all foreign nationals wishing to leave the country must first clear any traffic violations they have incurred. This rule, which came into effect on August 19, aims to ensure the timely collection of outstanding debts related to traffic fines.

Payment Methods and Locations

The MoI has provided multiple channels for expats to pay their fines. These include the official MoI app, the electronic portal, as well as affiliated offices of the General Traffic Department. Additionally, payment options are available at collection points situated at various key locations, such as the Kuwait International Airport and other land and sea ports.

Legislation and Enforcement

The new requirement is in accordance with existing legislation, including Decree No. (17/1959) of the Foreigners Residence Law and Decree-Law No. (67/1976) pertaining to traffic regulations. The MoI emphasized the importance of adhering to these regulations and warned that necessary measures would be taken to ensure the collection of any unpaid fees.

This initiative reinforces the Kuwaiti government's commitment to effective debt management and upholding traffic regulations, ultimately contributing to safer roads and responsible expatriate behavior.

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