Emirates Airlines re-launch the skywards application for hotel discounts

Emirates Airlines has announced the reintroduction of its iconic "Skywards Everyday" programme, which allows passengers on all of its airlines to earn the maximum number of miles with every travel on Emirates Airlines.

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This application enables Emirates Airlines passengers to obtain miles, as well as access to rewards, which allow them to obtain discounts for hotel stays, purchase tickets, upgrade travel class, purchase coupons from exclusive markets, and enjoy a variety of other benefits provided by the Skywards Everyday application.

The loyalty programmes of flydubai and Emirates Airlines also open up new vistas for travellers by providing them with a distinct feeling of an elite life and the opportunity to earn more benefits with each journey they take.

Emirates Airlines (Skywards Everyday)

Emirates Airlines skywards application

embers of the Emirates Skywards Everyday application can get discounts from the most famous restaurants and premium retail outlets, as well as grocery stores, leisure and entertainment facilities, beauty and spa facilities, sports and medical centres.

Emirates Airlines stated that miles recorded using the Skywards Everyday app are valid for three years if you want to save them and save them for special rewards.

You can download the Skywards Everyday application for mobile phones, whether from the App Store or Google Play, and you can link the application to five Visa debit or credit cards, or even register using a master card within the application.

Download the Skywards Everyday app for Android: from the Google Play Store.

Download the Skywards Everyday app for iPhone: from the App Store.

It should be noted that the user earns miles whenever he uses any of the prepaid cards linked to the Skywards Everyday application; I have over 200 partners in the UAE, with an average of one mile for every three dirhams spent on shopping centres, spas, beauty, and restaurants, and one mile for every five dirhams spent on pharmacies and groceries.

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