Dubai police: Two vehicles collide on Sheikh Zayed Road; urge caution

Dubai Police have issued a cautionary advisory to motorists following a collision between two vehicles on Sheikh Zayed Road.

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police issue warning

The accident occurred in the vicinity of the Danube metro station, specifically in the direction leading to Abu Dhabi.

However, Drivers in the area are urged to exercise heightened caution and adhere to traffic rules to ensure safety. The police emphasize the importance of vigilance while driving and following all road regulations to prevent further incidents.

Alert for Motorists

As accidents can lead to disruptions and potential hazards, it is crucial for all motorists to drive responsibly and attentively. Dubai Police's warning serves as a reminder for individuals to prioritize safety and contribute to maintaining a secure road environment.

Following Road and Traffic precautions

Given the significance of busy roads like Sheikh Zayed Road, taking precautions and being mindful of one's surroundings are imperative for the safety of all road users.

Moreover, Motorists are advised to maintain safe distances, avoid distractions, and adhere to speed limits to minimize the risk of accidents and ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

Instructions for Motorists on Road Safety

  • Traffic Regulations: Comply with all traffic signs, signals, and laws. For both your protection and the safety of others, you must follow the law of the road.
  • Always wear your seatbelt, and make sure the other occupants of the car do the same. In the event of an accident, seat belts greatly lower the chance of injuries.
  • Remain focused on the road and avoid distractions. Don't use your phone, eat, or do anything else that can cause you to lose focus on the road.
  • Uphold Speed limitations: Obey the indicated speed limitations. Adapt your speed to the weather, the road, and the amount of traffic.
  • Keep Safe Distances: Keep your distance from the car in front of you. This offers you enough time to respond to unexpected actions.
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