Dubai launches New Pakistani school for 4,000 students

In order to provide the community with top-notch education, Pakistan Association Dubai is in the planning phases of creating a new school within the emirate.

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Urgent Need for Education

Dr. Faisal Ikram, President of Pakistan Association Dubai, highlighted education as a crucial need for the community. With other nationalities already having established excellent educational institutions, there is a demand for more quality schools to serve the Pakistani community in the UAE.

Pakistan Association Dubai's Initiative

The association has devoted the past year to developing a comprehensive feasibility plan for the school project. Collaborating with relevant government bodies, they are seeking the necessary approvals to move forward with the initiative.

Upon approval and completion, the school is anticipated to have the capacity to enroll approximately 4,000 students.

Presently, only a handful of schools cater to the sizeable Pakistani community of 1.7 million in the UAE, the second-largest expatriate group. Many of these individuals reside and work in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

Existing institutions include Pakistan Islamia High School in Sharjah, H.H. Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistani School in Dubai, and Pakistan Education Academy in Dubai.

At present, a majority of Pakistani students in the UAE are enrolled in British curriculum-based schools.

Dr. Faisal shared that they are in the process of securing government land for the school and will also seek community support. The association aims to leverage the trust they have built over the years to expand their donor base within the community.

The association has already achieved significant milestones, such as the completion of an auditorium, sports complex, and a dedicated building for the medical center through the Own-a-Brick campaign, made possible with the support of the UAE community.

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