Dubai: KHDA announces key dates for the start of new school year

Dubai's Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has released the official schedule for the upcoming academic year 2023-24, outlining significant dates for students and families to mark on their calendars. As the summer break draws to a close, many families are preparing to transition back to school routines.

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Dubai's Academic Calendar Unveiled

Private schools in Dubai will commence the new academic year on August 28, a departure from the traditional September start. This earlier commencement aims to optimize learning time and aligns with the UAE Ministry of Education's guidelines, ensuring the fulfillment of the minimum required instructional days.

Winter break begins on December 11 and classes resume on January 2 after the holiday season are significant dates in the academic year. In addition, a spring vacation from March 25 to April 15 before classes resume is planned.

KHDA's Approach to School Vacation Periods

While the KHDA sets these essential dates, schools maintain a level of flexibility in determining their vacation periods, accommodating their unique academic schedules. This balance between structured academic time and tailored vacation periods underscores the authority's commitment to both educational excellence and school autonomy.

As students eagerly anticipate the new academic journey, the KHDA's transparent scheduling provides families with a clear roadmap for the year ahead, facilitating effective planning and preparation.

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