Dubai jobs: Emirates hires nearly 20,000 cabin workers

DUBAI, UAE - Emirates (EK) underscores the significance of the journey as well as the destination, placing great importance on the experience during transit. The airline holds that exceptional cabin crew play a central role in bringing Emirates' distinctive inflight service to life at an altitude of 38,000 feet.

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Emirates Celebrates Milestone of 20,000 Cabin Crew Members

Emirates recently achieved a remarkable milestone with its cabin crew team, reaching a strength of 20,000 members. This accomplishment is in line with the airline's ongoing global recruitment efforts for cabin crew, aligning with its ambitious growth plans.

In order to reflect the diversity of its cabin crew team and the wide range of locations it serves, Emirates has held recruitment events throughout 2022 in 340 cities spread across six continents.

Over the course of three decades, the iconic Emirates cabin crew uniform has seen four notable transformations. In 1997, the acclaimed Spanish designer Paco Rabanne contributed to the design, adding to the uniform's legacy.

While evolving over time, the uniform's iconic beige hue has remained consistent, with subtle modern refinements preserving its elegant and timeless style that has come to define Emirates' brand identity.

Highlighting the airline's dedication to service, two enduring cabin crew members stand out as representatives of Emirates' legacy. An Emirati male purser, who embarked on his Emirates journey in 1987, and the longest-serving female cabin crew member, who joined the Emirates family in 1994, have witnessed the evolution of uniform styles and encapsulate the thrill of flying that Emirates consistently delivers.

Emirates' commitment to excellence in service and attention to detail has propelled it to a significant milestone in its cabin crew team's growth, embodying the airline's mission to provide an exceptional journey to passengers around the world.

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