Dubai Foils Smuggling of 171,600 Narcotics and Restricted Medicines

Dubai Customs has successfully intercepted two separate attempts to smuggle medicines and narcotic drugs via air freight, collectively amounting to 171,600 pills.

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First Operation Unveiled

As These interventions highlight the agency's unwavering commitment to safeguarding security, health, and the economy.

In the initial operation, a total of 96,000 pills were seized. Among these were 600 pills of the restricted drug 'Cipralex'. This illicit shipment, comprising three parcels, weighed approximately 57 kilograms.

Second Attempt Thwarted

The second attempt involved three parcels containing 75,000 capsules of the anesthetic drug 'Pregabalin', weighing around 64 kilograms. Dubai Customs' vigilant efforts ensured the prevention of this unlawful entry.

Dubai Customs plays an instrumental role as the frontline defense, dedicated to upholding societal security, safety, and health. By effectively addressing the dangers associated with restricted drugs and narcotics, the agency contributes to curbing illicit activities and their detrimental impact on individuals and society at large.

Advancing a Global Vision

This achievement reinforces Dubai Customs' strategic vision to lead on the global stage in safe customs practices. The agency's transformative approach converts Dubai's customs ports into impenetrable barriers, thwarting all attempts at commercial fraud and the illicit trafficking of restricted goods and drugs.

Utilizing Robust Systems

Employing specialized systems and a skilled workforce, Dubai Customs stands prepared to combat the smuggling of contraband effectively. These measures underscore the agency's dedication to safeguarding the nation's security and well-being.

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