UAE : Bird strike at Bangladesh airport cancels Dubai flight

Two distinct instances involving bird strikes were recorded over the weekend at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (Dhaka Airport), Bangladesh's principal international gateway.

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Dual Bird Strike Incidents at Dhaka Airport

One of these incidents affected a FlyDubai aircraft, specifically flight FZ502 bound for Dubai International (DXB) on Saturday, August 12. The aircraft experienced a bird strike shortly after takeoff, prompting its return to standby at Dhaka Airport.

A spokesperson from FlyDubai confirmed the incident and stated that the aircraft would undergo a comprehensive inspection and necessary repairs before returning to Dubai. Passengers affected by the disruption were offered accommodation as needed, and the airline is diligently assisting them with rebooking options. FlyDubai extended apologies for any inconvenience caused to the travelers.

In a separate occurrence, another flight, this time operated by Bangladesh's national carrier, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, was also affected by a bird strike at Dhaka Airport. The incident, which transpired during takeoff, resulted in a burst tire. Passengers on the flight, scheduled for Dhaka to Bangkok, were safely disembarked on the taxiway. Bangladesh authorities quickly arranged alternative travel arrangements for the passengers to reach Bangkok.

Safety Precedence Amid Disruptions

While both bird strike incidents caused disruption and required precautionary measures, fortunately, no casualties were reported in either case. The aviation community and relevant authorities continue to prioritize passenger safety, taking swift actions to address such incidents and ensure the well-being of travelers.

These events underscore the challenges posed by bird strikes to aviation operations and emphasize the importance of robust safety protocols to safeguard against such occurrences.

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