Dubai airports announce temporary residences for Sudanese transit passengers

Passengers from Sudan who were in transit at Dubai Airport but were unable to continue on to Khartoum have been granted temporary housing.

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Since Saturday, when combat broke out between the army and the Rapid Support Forces in Khartoum and other cities, airlines have cancelled all flights to the capital.

The airspace over Sudan has been shut down, and up to 20 planes may have been destroyed or damaged while landing.

After gunfire was reportedly directed at a Saudia plane as it prepared to depart Khartoum early on Saturday, the airline grounded all of its Khartoum-bound flights.

Due to "a deteriorating situation of civil unrest in Khartoum," Emirates airline and Flydubai, both located in Dubai, have decided to extend their suspension of passenger flights until at least April 30.

Until further notice, the point of origin will not allow customers connecting through Sudan on Emirates or Flydubai flights. Emirates has issued a new statement in which it expresses sorry for any disruptions in service.

Air Arabia, based in Sharjah, has also temporarily halted operations.

On Wednesday, Dubai Airports announced that they had provided "various kinds of support to the passengers" to the many transit passengers from Sudan who had flown into Dubai.

"The passengers have been offered temporary accommodation until they are able to travel to Khartoum or they choose to travel to other destinations," the Dubai Airports spokesperson stated.

Dubai Airports is keeping an eye on the situation in Sudan to figure out what to do next.

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