Dubai Public Prosecution imposes a 10-year jail term for forging visas

The Dubai Public Prosecution has used social media to underline the serious consequences of forging official papers illegally, especially those pertaining to visas and residence permits. The harsh warning provided by the reminder makes clear the negative legal repercussions of such behavior to the general public.

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Dubai announces Serious Consequences of Document Forgery

According to the authority, forging a visa, residence permit, or any official document associated with these matters, with the intent of violating the law, can lead to a maximum jail sentence of 10 years. This penalty extends not only to individuals involved in the act of forging documents but also to those who knowingly utilize such forged documents.

The message underscores the UAE's commitment to upholding the integrity of its legal and immigration systems, emphasizing that document forgery is a grave offense that will not be taken lightly. This initiative aims to deter individuals from engaging in illegal activities and serves as a reminder that adherence to the law is of paramount importance.

Prosecution of 10,500 Cases Involving Unlawful Immigrants

According to statistics from the previous year, the UAE prosecuted over 10,500 cases involving unlawful immigrants. These cases involved a variety of immigration-related offenses, such as fleeing, entering the country without permission, using forged documents to obtain a visa or a residence permit, working while on an expired visa, and unlawful employment. The UAE's strict response to these transgressions demonstrates its commitment to upholding the legitimacy and authenticity of documents.

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