Determine the UAE schools that accept student enrollment at reduced fees

Emirati schools that accept students with reduced fees for the next academic year have been announced. They are private schools that teach the ministerial curriculum and are interested in educating children of low-income families in the Emirates.

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The list of Emirati institutions that offer tuition waivers for the upcoming school year has been released. They are non-government institutions with a focus on educating children from low-income families in the Emirates by using the ministerial curriculum.

Identify low-fee schools in the UAE

The students' families advocated for the establishment of more private schools for children from low-income families or the allocation of a certain number of study seats with fees, and a private school (ministerial curriculum) announced that registration was open for students with limited incomes, with reduced fees amounting to 4,000 dirhams for all classes in its two locations in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, private school tuition is capped at a level that allows for scholarships for high-achieving students as well as additional awards for exceptional and emergency circumstances.

The value of student registration fees in low-fee schools in the UAE

Cost of enrollment for UAE schools catering to families with modest incomes, In particular, parents reacted to a school's announcement that it would begin accepting new students at a reduced tuition rate of 4,000 dirhams by advocating for the widespread establishment of schools charging low rates or the allotment of a certain number of seats in each school charging low rates to encourage community involvement, and by offering educational grants to students who stand out in the areas of science and athletics.

low fee schools in the uae
low fee schools in the uae

Objectives of establishing schools for low-fee schools in the UAE

The school was eager to have reduced and unified fees for all levels of education, from kindergarten through twelfth grade, because it emphasised that the primary objective of its establishment is to provide an education opportunity for students from low-income families who face challenges in accessing education.

Conditions for accepting student registration with reduced fees in schools

The acceptance form includes the total monthly income of the guardian, and the number of dependent children of the guardian, indicating its right to refuse any A student who does not meet all admission requirements, and a sealed bank statement for the previous three or six months, a notarized lease contract, and a salary certificate stamped by the employer, In addition, no student will be deemed registered until they have completed all admission requirements and either paid their fees in full or made satisfactory arrangements for their payment.

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