Urgent.. The emirates issues a new decision on reducing traffic fines

The emirates issues a new decision on reducing traffic fines, As part of its strategic priority in the happiness of the community and the proactive and quality of services to the public, the general headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Police have extended an invitation to motorists to take advantage of the facilities, discounts, and services connected to the early payment of traffic infractions. This is being done in conjunction with the early payment of traffic offences being a strategic priority.

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The Directorate of traffic and patrols explained that the "Bader and benefit" initiative aims to facilitate drivers and motivate vehicle owners to pay traffic violations, and install them over the course of the course of a year, and enhance public awareness of the advantages of early payment of violations, as it offers several privileges and facilities, including the avoidance of increasing the value of traffic fines, as well as the avoidance of an increase in the number of violations.

It was pointed out that the initiative includes two options: the first is a discount of 35% on the violation if paid within the first 60 days from the date of committing the violation, excluding serious violations; the second is a discount of 25% when paying after 60 days and up to a year from the release of the violation; in addition, individuals can benefit from installments of violations through banks with zero interest for a period of 12 months provided that the credit card is issued by banks.

new decision on reducing traffic fines in uae
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Reduce fines in the UAE

It is notable that all transport agencies in the UAE have disclosed the existence of attempts to minimise the value of traffic violations due to all drivers who commit such types of violations. This development comes as a result of the fact that the UAE has one of the highest rates of traffic fatalities in the world.

The discounts range from 25 percent to 50 percent, depending on the emirate and the others in the group. This is because of the rising value of traffic offences in the emirate, which places a significant monetary burden on the residents of the country.

The effort has been started by the government of the UAE in order to reduce these burdens. This comes as a result of the fact that these infractions are largely aimed at ensuring the inhabitants of the UAE continue to enjoy a high level of safety and security, rather than at punishing them.

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