Birat Manila Restaurant in Abu Dhabi Faces Closure Order

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (Adafsa) has given the Birat Manila Restaurant in Abu Dhabi's Mussafah neighborhood the go-ahead to close.

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Violation of Food Standards Sparks Closure

The restaurant's selling of non-halal food items and usage of the same cooking supplies and equipments for both halal and non-halal meal preparation have led to its closure.

Regulatory Measures and Public Health Concerns

The decisive move was prompted by the restaurant's violation of Law No. (2) of 2008 concerning food regulations in Abu Dhabi, coupled with associated legislations. Adafsa voiced concerns over the substantial threat this practice poses to public health. The regulatory body shared its decision and concerns through its official social media channels.

Compliance and Safeguarding Public Health

The procedures needed for Birat Manila Restaurant to reopen were laid forth by Adafsa. The restaurant must obtain the required licenses for serving non-halal cuisine in order to restore its license.

Additionally, it must initiate a comprehensive overhaul by completely revamping its equipment and conducting thorough sterilization of the entire premises before reopening to the public. This stringent procedure underscores Adafsa's commitment to ensuring food safety and adherence to established standards.

Public's Role in Ensuring Food Safety

The closure serves as a reminder of the ongoing assessments faced by food establishments in Abu Dhabi. Adafsa encourages the public's vigilance and cooperation in upholding food safety standards. Concerned individuals are urged to report any potential violations in food establishments by reaching out to Adafsa via the toll-free hotline 800-555.

As Adafsa takes bold measures to safeguard public health and uphold food integrity, the incident spotlights the critical importance of stringent regulations and vigilant oversight in the food industry.

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