Baghdad prepares to develop key retail with Saudi-Iraqi cooperation

As part of efforts to strengthen economic cooperation, Saudi Arabia and Iraq will create a $1 billion retail area in Baghdad, according to the kingdom's ambassador to Iraq.

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Saudi-Iraqi Partnership to Build Baghdad Avenue Near International Airport

According to Abdulaziz Al Shammari, the Baghdad Avenue project would be erected close to the city's international airport, According to him, it will include 4,000 residences and 2,500 villas in addition to restaurants, stores, and office buildings, making it the largest retail centre in Iraq.

Although Mr. Al Shammari did not provide further information, he stated that there had been "great developments" in Saudi Arabia's and Iraq's ties.

King Salman Medical Centre Delegation Meets with Iraqi Medical Professionals

A delegation from the King Salman Medical Centre was in Baghdad at the same time to meet with Iraqi medical professionals,The King Salman Medical Centre team's visit to Baghdad today has allowed us to start enjoying the actual benefits of our relationships, according to Mr. Al Shammari.

The greatest physicians in the kingdom and the best doctors in Iraq came together for the first time to share experiences in various fields and subspecialties, Meetings between the nations' economies and cultures are also scheduled, according to Mr. Al Shammari,He predicted that activities between the two nations would pick up significantly.
According to Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed [Shia] Al Sudani and his staff, this will be a distinctive stage for investment, Relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia have improved significantly in recent years, After Saddam Hussein's forces invaded Kuwait in 1990, the kingdom cut ties with Iraq, but in 2016, Riyadh and Baghdad started to mend fences.

In order to improve relations, Saudi Arabia reopened its embassy in Iraq, and the two countries established a coordination committee, Since then, they have made a number of political, security, and commercial agreements that have resulted in the opening of a significant border crossing.

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