An important statement from the UAE authorities to all citizens and residents..

The authorities in the United Arab Emirates have published an important clarification statement to all citizens and residents of the country.

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Where the Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health, affiliated with the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, identified 5 signs and symptoms of monkeypox, including fever, joint pain, headache, swollen cheeks, in addition to a rash, noting that monkeypox is a zoonotic disease that is transmitted from infected animals to humans. It is caused by a virus belonging to the smallpox virus family.

The center explained that the monkeypox virus is transmitted upon direct contact with the fluids of infected animals, or their blood, and transmission from one person to another is limited, and a person may become infected when contacting respiratory particles that require long periods of face-to-face contact, in addition to that it can be transmitted upon contact. Surfaces contaminated with sick fluids.

The Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health confirmed that early detection of the monkeypox virus and combating the spread of infection are among the effective ways to reduce infection and prevent disease, stressing that it is constantly coordinating with health authorities in the country to implement all strict preventive measures with regard to infectious diseases to maintain public health. for community members. Yesterday evening, the Abu Dhabi Department of Health issued a circular to all health facilities of the necessity to report suspected cases of “monkeypox” virus, according to the system followed, and to take the necessary preventive and medical measures to discover cases, noting that this comes within the framework of its measures aimed at combating communicable diseases and reducing the risk of infection. Spread to protect society and maintain public health.

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