An important circular from the UAE Ministry of Interior for all residents

The Ministry of Interior in the United Arab Emirates has sent an important message to citizens and foreign residents of the country, asking them to avoid valleys and places where water flows.

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Directives of the Ministry of Interior for residents and motorists

The UAE Ministry of Interior called for avoiding valleys and places where water flows.

Warning of heavy rain and strong winds in the Emirates

And the ministry stated, yesterday, through its official account on Twitter, that “given the possibility of several regions in the country being exposed to fluctuations in weather conditions accompanied by heavy rains and winds, please take care and caution while driving the vehicle and avoid valleys and places where water flows and collects.”

An air depression hits the Emirates

And the National Center of Meteorology had expected that the depression would deepen in the upper layers of the atmosphere on Friday and Saturday, bringing with it a cold air mass, so that the quantities of clouds would continue to increase over separate areas of the country, interspersed with cumulus clouds accompanied by rainfall of varying intensity with lightning and thunder at times, especially on the coasts. And the northern and eastern regions, with a noticeable decrease in temperatures.

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