Alert the police to drivers coming to Abu Dhabi about closing and rerouting some roads

Sweihan Road in Abu Dhabi, near Al Shamkha Bridge, witnessed a painful incident the day before yesterday, which caused an emergency that blocked the road for several hours.

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Abu Dhabi Police statement on Sweihan Road

The Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority and Abu Dhabi Police dealt with the traffic crisis that occurred yesterday morning on Sweihan Road before Al Shamkha Bridge.

Abu Dhabi Police reported that the Operations Room received at 8:00 am yesterday a report of a traffic collision between a truck and a vehicle, as a result of which a fire broke out.

Road closures in Abu Dhabi and rerouting of traffic

Immediately, the competent authorities rushed to the site and began their procedures to deal with the crisis, in cooperation with fire brigades and changing traffic, as they closed roads and secured entrances and exits, announcing through the Abu Dhabi Police media platforms the details of the closure movement and alternative paths.

Results of investigations on Al Sweihan Road in Abu Dhabi

It is worth noting that the firefighting operations continued until approximately 11 am, and the concerned teams started the cooling operations, which are still continuing until now, and they also launched their investigations, the results of which later resulted in announcing that the vehicle’s driver was unable to survive, expressing condolences to his family.. Banner No other injuries were recorded.

Abu Dhabi Police alerting drivers to use alternate routes

Abu Dhabi Police has stressed to drivers the need to use the alternative roads mentioned in the map for those coming from Sweihan towards Abu Dhabi via Al Falah Bridge, passing through the Al Falah residential area and exiting Al Shamkha Bridge, and for those heading abroad towards Sweihan, it is advised to use Al Shamkha Bridge, passing through Riyadh Bridge and exiting Al Falah Bridge.

Abu Dhabi Police warning drivers

She also stressed to them the need not to be preoccupied with other than the road and to adhere to safe driving for the safety of all, and also called on members of society to obtain information from its official sources through the media platforms of the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police, according to what was published by the Emirates Today newspaper.

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