Abu Dhabi: Public transport passengers warned of 10 violations and fines of up to 500 dirhams

The Integrated Transport Center of the Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi warned of 10 violations, which it described as "the most widespread and frequent" among public transport users scattered in all Abu Dhabi cities, including buses and taxis, explaining that these violations lead to financial penalties for perpetrators ranging from 100 dirhams to 500 dirhams.

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The center published, in an indicative campaign on its official pages on social media platforms, under the title "Your commitment avoids violations", a list of the most frequent violations by users of public transport, including three violations that require a fine of 100 dirhams, namely "carrying flammable materials inside the means of transport." Possession of sharp tools, sitting in priority seats or areas designated for special cases,” while four other violations were identified that required the perpetrators to pay a fine of 200 dirhams, namely “smoking inside the means of transport, eating, drinking and chewing gum, non-payment of the due fare, bringing a bicycle into the vehicle.” Buses without bike spaces.

The list of ten violations also included three violations that fine the perpetrators of any of them 500 dirhams, which are "selling or buying bus boarding cards from one person to another, intentionally disturbing passengers inside the means of transport, not keeping calm and distracting the driver."

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