Abu Dhabi Police Issues Warning About 5 Fraudulent Schemes

Abu Dhabi Police have sounded the alarm, cautioning residents about the multitude of ploys employed by fraudsters to ensnare unsuspecting victims.

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Impersonating Government Entities via Calls and SMS

Fraudsters are infamous for their deceptive tactics, including fraudulent calls, spoofed website links, and fake SMS messages posing as government institutions. This web of deceit aims to exploit individuals by offering illusory services and luring them into a web of temptation.

Beware of Phony Internet Platforms

Beware of fraudulent online platforms masquerading as popular eateries or stores, tempting the public with alluring offers. Victims are coerced into making payments, only to find their credit card details siphoned off upon completing the transaction on these bogus sites.

Caution Against Bogus Pet Sales

Exercise caution when encountering electronic advertisements advertising pet sales or adoptions, often involving shipping and insurance services. These fraudulent offers typically propagate through social media channels, targeting vulnerable individuals.

Money Transfer Scams

Fraudsters manipulate victims into sending money to seemingly legitimate bank accounts, exploiting both local and international exchange companies authorized by the state. This nefarious practice preys on individuals seeking to fulfill money transfer requests.

Job Seeker Scams

Job seekers are particularly susceptible to fraudulent 'recruitment' posts. Scammers orchestrate elaborate schemes, including official-looking events and fabricated online company pages, aimed at extracting application fees from unsuspecting applicants.

Safeguard Confidential Information

The public is emphatically advised against sharing sensitive information, such as account details, online banking passwords, and ATM security codes. It is essential to recognize that authentic bank employees will never request such data.

Report and Protect

Abu Dhabi Police urge individuals to promptly report any suspicious calls or requests for banking information. Residents can contact the nearest police station, dial the security service number 8002626, or send an SMS to 2828. These collective efforts serve to combat fraud and safeguard the community from potential risks.

Enhance Device Security

Residents are encouraged to activate protective measures on their devices to counter potential threats from malicious websites seeking to pilfer their funds. By maintaining vigilance and taking proactive steps, individuals can shield themselves from falling victim to these cunning schemes.

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