A traffic campaign to confront the violation of non-compliance with the traffic lane in the Emirates

Large areas in the United Arab Emirates witnessed the launch of a traffic campaign to confront the violation of non-compliance with the lane by drivers on the roads.

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A traffic campaign has been launched in Sharjah to confront a violation of adherence to the Telsair line

Since the beginning of May, the Sharjah Police General Command, which is represented by the Traffic and Patrols Department, has been promoting its "Stay on your path" traffic awareness campaign. It was launched on the basis of the traffic results and indicators for the previous year, as the violation of non-compliance with the traffic queue ranked second in the number of violations committed in the emirate prior to the commencement of the initiative. Sharjah in 2022.

traffic rules

The importance of launching a stick to your path campaign in Sharjah

In addition to delivering a number of lectures on the subject of traffic safety or raising awareness directly through traffic patrols, as Al-Shaiba pointed out, the campaign includes publishing its awareness messages in three different languages, through the various social networking sites of the Sharjah Police, and through the print, audio, and visual media. This is in addition to the dissemination of such information.

Sharjah Police warning motorists about traffic rules

The Director of the Awareness and Traffic Information Branch at the Sharjah Police called on vehicle drivers and other users of the roads to abide by the rules and regulations of traffic and traffic on the roads, adhere to the specified speeds, and be careful and attentive while driving in order to preserve their own safety as well as the safety of other users of the roads.

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