A student won $10,000 for a plan to reduce traffic congestion in Emirates

An Emirati schoolgirl from the Sharjah area won a substantial cash prize from the United Arab Emirates for her visionary intentions to better the country in the future. The prize was worth around $10,000.

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The total value of prizes reached $127,000 for the winners

The United Arab Emirates' Sharjah Police Department awarded a total of $127,000 in prizes. With the help of the pupils, we tackled some tough issues including "future crimes," "transport," "cybersecurity," "drug abuse," and "rehabilitation."

The winning student, Rahaf Sobeih, a 28-year-old Syrian, depicted a future in which high-speed transport and flying taxis are commonplace.

Aisha Al Hammadi of the United Arab Emirates came in second with her research into the use of AI in drones and road transport safety.

The Saudi Arabian researcher Saud Al-Zafar came in third, using autonomous vehicles.

traffic congestion
traffic congestion in uae

An innovative plan to increase the use of renewable energy sources

Mrs Sabih's winning plan advocated for increasing the use of renewable energy sources and modernising the emirate's transport system.

Dr. Reham Al-Jarf and Amina Al-Awadi of a local education and consultancy firm are also highlighted as top performers.

They advocated for additional research into how to stop the online drug trade.

A common sentiment among respondents was that "little research has been done on the use of social media as a channel for drug trafficking."

Their research argued for stricter regulation of medication advertising on social media.

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